Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hola! Welcome to Barcelona!

wee! Its my first time stepping in any part of Europe! Hola!!!
I'm currently taking up my 8 months certificate of Alain Ducasse in Culinary Arts.
I will be having my internship here for 6 months at Hotel Majestic.

Well, anyway I will be giving some tips here in like what tickets will you be buying for the Metro or Bus. What useful apps you need to have on your phone. What are the restaurants that we tried that are worth coming back. and more!

So first Metro/ Bus ticket that you need to buy if your staying here in Barcelona.
If you traveling for a few days or a week here with a group, its better to buy the T-10 ticket. Everyone can use this ticket for 10 rides.  If you hop off on a wrong stop, you can transfer metro or bus within an hour with no charge. It cost  9.95 euros.
If your staying here for more than 3 months like me and your age is 25 years old and below, its better to buy the T- Jove. Its valid for 3 months already and unlimited rides! Its around 105 euros.
you can buy your tickets at the all the train station. Here is the link for the other options you can buy.

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