Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Praktik Bakery

One of my favorite bakery in Barcelona!
Its our first week in Barcelona and all we can see are sandwiches and tapas around our place. Good thing we found a great place to get fresh sandwiches!
Its a Hotel and they have there own bakery! They make fresh bread everyday and you can see them make it when dining there. This is a wonder place to relax and have a sandwich or dessert + a cup of coffee.

**Tip- sit beside the glass door where they are baking bread and see how they make those wonderful croissants and maybe you can get a free treat from the man making :P

oh! and also, they have free WIFI :)

Hotel Praktik Bakery
Carrer de Proven├ža, 279, 08037 Barcelona
opens Monday- Sunday

Price: $$ (average)  3 euros for sandwich


  1. Thank you so much Natalie we are very happy you liked the Praktik Bakery! Beautiful photos