Monday, February 25, 2013

Best chocolate cake!

I found the best chocolate cake! so far.. I tried a lot of chocolate cakes and cupcakes but this one is the best! Its moist, chocolaty, not so sweet, and light! The ganache is made from tablea (pure chocolate).
Just seeing this makes me drool and want to have it right now! This can be found at..(drum roll please) Cafe Adriatico!

Café Adriatico
M. Adriatico Street, Remedios Circle, Malate , Manila

Phone: 738-8220

The second best chocolate cake is  also made from Tablea (pure chocolate). Its not so sweet but rich. This can be found at Chocolat : Death by Tablea. Click the link to know their contact numbers.

Binulo : Pampanga

BINULO means bamboo. Here's a unique place to eat in Pampanga. 


                                                                        MENU 2      



MUST TRY!!! Pangat na Ulang
The jumbo shrimps are cooked in bamboo! The broth taste delicious! I think it has lemon grass on it.

SISIG ( mix of pork ears, fats and skin, etc..), you can skip this. Not crunchy at all! burnt sisig. There are more delicious sisig in town.

another MUST TRY! Kaldaretang Kambing (goat). Does't taste or smell anything like a goat, it taste like beef!

MUST TRY also! Paco Salad with Ginisang Hipon and Pititian ( fiddlehead fern with shrimps and pork rinds).
A different kind of salad. Interesting taste. The fiddlehead fern is a bit slimy after but the sauce that comes with it taste so good, it removes the slimy texture after.

Kinilaw na Bangus (milkfish) SKIP THIS!! over powering taste of vinegar, makes you vomit!

Binulong Nasi (cooked in banana leaves and served in a bamboo shoot). Nothing special, its just sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves.


Clark Field, Angeles City,