Sunday, March 3, 2013

Mangetsu Japanese Fushion Restaurant

I love the interior! 

salt water broiled broccoli with spicy cod roe in mayo ( P295 )

Gyu Don ( P 275 )
served with a raw egg

Edemame ( P170 )
sprinkled with salty spicy powder. different yet delicious!

Mozzarella Cheese Risotto ( P260)

ok this is kinda weird, we ordered risotto in a Japanese restaurant. This dish is delicious! cheesy and gooey!

Sea Urchin cream pasta (P 285 )
can't find the sea urchin but the sauce is good thou. 

California Maki (P250)
with cod roe

Natto Roll ( P120)
fermented beans

Zaru Ramen (P210)
the ramen looks hand made, not a typical ramen noodles that you have.


Lunch Set Ginger Soy Pork ( P300)
yummy sauce! the pork is a bit tough but huge serving!

Miso Nikomi Udom (forgot price)
huge serving! good for 2.

Tofu cheese in white sauce ( P295)
for me the sauce taste a bit like bagoong but they use here is Japanese tofu so its soft. 

Tofu cheese in white sauce ( P295)
with mozzarella 

Tofu Dengaku with red miso ( P230 )
soft tofu with sweet red miso sauce. yum!

Tonkatsu ( P280 )
Yabu is better :)

After posting this, I realized that we ordered to much. :P

Mangetsu Japanese Fushion Restaurant
34 Jupiter Street, Makati City, Philippines
34 Jupiter, Makati City
+63 2 478 3292