Saturday, May 11, 2013

Cooking Class in Ho Chi Minh

Its my first time to have a one day cooking class in other countries. My first time is at Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. I hope there are more to come, one day or two days cooking class in other countries as well.
This is at Saigon Cooking Class. For one day class is about 35USD per person (i think).
We meet at the local market around 8am to buy some ingredients and our tour guide will also entertain questions like "what vegetables is that?" etc.

Our tour guide holding a small eggplant in color white. So cute!

                                           different kinds of tofu and other dry products.

                                                        fresh  shell fish, clams

                                        Small crabs, snails, crabs

                                                                  HUGE tuna!

                                                me under the shade because its hot :P


                              Our menu that day. All hands on and eat your own handmade food

                         We got our own little space for chopping and cooking. All ready for us.

                                             fresh spring roll that I made

                                              banana blossom salad

                                                      fried noodles with squid
                               surprise dessert that we didn't made of course. creamy passion fruit

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