Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dak Galbi ( spicy chicken) in Seoul, Korea

Its been a while since a blog. Well, I've been lazy lately haha. I found may another favorite food when I  visited in Seoul , Korea. Its Dak Galbi! Korean foods are perfect to eat when its cool weather. Especially when rainy season! Here in the Philippines there are only two seasons, summer and rainy! the rainy season here starts on July so its perfect to eat some spicy Korean food. Btw, here in Malate ,Manila have a lot of delicious Korean restaurants. I miss eating this! Anyway, here are some of the pictures that I captured when we ate there.

Here at the streets of seoul I think in myeongdong 

First the mix the vegetables then add the spicy chicken

and they also add some rice for the remaining veggies and chicken so for sure you'll be full!

Caution: This is really spicy!

For those who really love spicy food, this is a must try! For those who just want to experience or taste the food be really for a lot of cold to pair with this.
Enjoy! :)

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