Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cebu : Vanille cafe and patisserie

Visited in Cebu last week and attended a PMAP conference . We had time to go to Ayala mall, Cebu  and saw this cute patisserrie . The interiors was colorful and a great place to hang out with friends. I'll surely be back for their macaroons and brownies.
read more to see other goodies....

Their very own water bottles! 40 pesos each


                                                       oh how cute! truffle cakes!!!

They sell chocolate bars ...


and Macaroons! 

I like their macaroons, its soft not chewy. Some flavors were different from usual. They have peppermint , coconut, cookies and cream, espresso and tablea (I  think that's what called. its filipino chocolate) I love the cookies and cream!!  btw, its 40 pesos each.

The brownie was  really good!! Its not too sweet and not eat the whole thing. The brownie is soft chewy and have a bits of chocolate inside. Delicious! Now, I regret just buying one. :(

Vanille Café and Patisserie 
2nd level The Terraces,
Ayala Center, Cebu City

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