Monday, September 12, 2011

Hong Kong's famous Eggettes!

My mom is a Cantonese and lives in Hong Kong when she was young, she said that when she was a child she loves eating those Eggettes and it was her favorite. Its soft inside but crispy in the outside!and its CHEAP! Anyway, I tried the Eggettes already in Hong Kong and I love it so much!so yummy!! That's why when I went to Bangkok and saw those Eggettes I immediately buy one! :)

 There are lots of toppings to choose: chocolate chips, corn, almonds, raisins, blueberry syrup, strawberry syrup  and etc. We tried the almonds, it was so delicious that even I'm already full I ate it all.

Btw, I saw those Eggettes in Platinum Mall food court. But in Hong Kong you can see it everywhere! :) Best eaten when it's still hot so that it would still be crispy :)


  1. hi, i love eggettes and i would like to get some while im in bangkok. May i ask where in Bangkok can i get some? Many thanks :0)

  2. hello! i found these eggettes at the Platinum Fashion Mall, food court. =)

  3. HONGKONG EGGETTES - The No. 1 Snack in HongKong is now in the Philippines

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